This is my first time blogging for the Bread Baking Day event (#27). It has been a great pleasure and a lot of fun researching for the theme: a Latin American bread, un pan latino. I grew up in Lima eating my share of bread, which was usually, a breakfast affair. I remember eating bread which had sweet potato or pumpkin as an essential ingredient and decided to recreate a bread which would make my sweet memories justice. This bread has a delightful, light, buttery crumb reminiscent of brioche and the sweet potato imparts an earthy fragrance and provides for balance.

Bread Baking Day #27 is hosted by Gretchen Noelle from Canela y Comino at

Thank you Gretchen for hosting this event!

Pan de Camote y Huevo (Peruvian Sweet Potato & Egg Bread)

Feel free to halve the recipe. I made 12 very large buns.


Sweet potatoes: 500 grams, cut into 6 cm lengths, baked in a single layer on a tray at 180 C for about an hour or until beads of syrup start forming on skins. Peel and mash thoroughly with a fork.

Milk: 3/4 cup, boiled and cooled

Active dry yeast: 2 packets or 14 grams

Salt: 2 teaspoons

Large egg yolks: 12

Sugar: 3 tablespoons or 45 grams

Unsalted butter: 240 grams, softened but still intact

Unbleached white flour: 1 kilogram

To decorate buns, optional: Egg white, sesame seeds or granulated sugar


In a large bowl and using a fork, mix sweet potatoes with cooled milk, add yeast and salt. In a separate medium size bowl blend yolks and sugar using a fork. Add yolk mixture to sweet potato mixture and incorporate the butter and most of the flour save for a couple of cups or so. Stir lightly and transfer to a stand mixer. Using dough hooks, knead for 20 to 30 minutes until dough feels elastic and starts to peel away from the bowl. Add more flour should your dough be too wet. Be careful, though, this dough is a relatively moist one.

Transfer dough to a largebuttered bowl, one that will accommodate the rising dough. Smear some butter on the surface and cover with plastic wrap. Let it proof until doubled in a draft-free area. Depending on the room temperature this might take two hours or more.

Punch down the dough and form the buns. Feel free to play with this one, I just divided the dough into 12 portions, rolled out each portion into 30 cm lengths and wrapped them around my forefinger and middle fingers and then tucked the end underneath. Place the buns on wax paper lined tray, cover loosely with plastic and proof until doubled.

Preheat oven to 180 C.

At this stage you can brush the surfaces with the egg white and then sprinkle sesame seeds or sugar. Place buns in oven until light golden brown, about 20 minutes.

Enjoy them warm or toasted with a cafe' con leche. Buen apetito!